About Us

We provide psycho social care, educational support, vocational skill training, life skill education, social welfare initiatives and community development in our target areas.

Child Voice is a Non-Governmental organization, registered under Indian Trust Act on 15 June 2011 in Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India, working in four blocks of Dindigul District in Dindigul, Kodaikanal, Palani and Nilakottai.

Child Voice focuses on rehabilitation of adolescent girls working in spinning mills and textiles unit under exploitative conditions and as camp coolies under Sumangali Scheme.

In kodaikanal Child Voice is actively involved in providing educational and economic development of tribal communities. Our Perungadu initiative is involved in construction of a school building, providing supplementary nutrition and conduct bridge course for 31 tribal children of paliyar tribe.

Social Services

Snaps Of Child Voice

Child Voice is a social service organization, based on human values, dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children in Dindigul.

The need for Child Voice services is growing. Volunteers help us achieve our aim of empowering disabled and disadvantaged children, and supporting them.

During 2013-14 Child Voice identified, rescued and rehabilitated 98 children integrated into appropriate safety with their best interest in mind. This include street and working children and run away children. The reintegration process was conducted with the support of Child Welfare Committee - Dindigul.

More Ifo

Child Voice is a social service organization, based on human values, dedicated to assisting disadvantaged children in Dindigul.

Child Protection and Participation Rights awareness (CPPR) is given to 3054 children and adults enhancing their understanding on child rights as a part of our long-term strategy of inclusive and collective social awareness on children.

352 member strong Child Protection Committee (CPC) have taken upon themselves to emerge as change agents addressing child related issues and ensuring children safety. They function as cartelistic agent in achieving the organizational main objectives in all fields.

Current Activities

  • Establishing sustainable communities, consisting of various stakeholders, to positively respond to the inevitable need for care and protection of vulnerable children

    Mission Statement

  • Empowering underprivileged children through community sensitization and mobilization around key issues of child rights and protection by their participation

    Mission Statement

  • Assertion of comprehensive rights of children and to bring policy level changes through effective lobbying, advocacy, networking and campaign strategies

    Mission Statement

  • A Progressive Society Involving, Promoting and Safeguarding the Rights of Children

    Vision Statement