A brighter future for children in need

We work with every aspect of children’s lives, helping them to thrive.
About Child Voice
About Child Voice

For children living in poverty and social neglect

We establish livelihood opportunities for parents living in marginalised communities.

A progressive society is one that is dedicated to promoting the comprehensive growth of children. It recognises the crucial role that children play in shaping the future and therefore actively engages in initiatives that ensure their overall development. This involves creating an environment that fosters children's physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.


Our mission is to empower underprivileged children, ensure their overall development, and establish sustainable communities that focus on child development through capacity-building training and partnerships with government programs, supporting policies that promote children's well-being.

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Providing healthy development and nurture, to attain quality education.

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  • 1580+

    Livelihood Support

  • 79+


  • 1040+

    Educational Help

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How to donate to this non-profit organisation?

You can check our Get Involved page for details of the donation process. If you need more information, please fill in the form in the contact us page.

What does Child Voice provide to the children?

Child Voice provide various programmes for the upliftment of the underprivileged children such as livelihood support, education help, training, and more

Will I get a receipt for the donation?

Yes, you will receive a receipt for your donation. The receipt will include the organisation name, address, and registration number, the amount donated, the date of the donation, and a unique transaction or receipt number. 

Can I donate from outside india?

Individuals outside India who would like to make a donation, please contact Child Voice
at childvoice2011@gmail.com to request the organisational bank details for foreign

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