About Child Voice

Child Voice is a dedicated non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Our organisation was born out of a deep concern for the deplorable conditions endured by tribal children living in the Kodaikanal region. A passionate UK-based volunteer witnessed firsthand the dire circumstances these children faced and recognised the urgent need for an organisation that would advocate for their welfare. Since then, Child Voice has emerged as a powerful voice for children living in extreme poverty and social neglect.

Our journey began by providing essential healthcare to children living in tribal areas.

As we witnessed the positive impact of our efforts, we expanded our activities to encompass a wide range of services aimed at supporting these children. Our holistic approach includes supporting access to education, healthcare facilities, skill development, awareness programmes, and rescue operations targeting child marriages, child labour, and bonded labour practices, working together with the authorities.

Through our experience in rescuing and rehabilitating children, we recognised the importance of empowering their parents with sustainable livelihood opportunities.

We understood that by enabling families to generate alternative sources of income, we could break the vicious cycle of poverty and create a better future for the children we serve. Consequently, we introduced livelihood support programs for the tribal community and initiated Entrepreneur Development Program Support specifically designed to uplift the families of our target children.
By providing financial assistance to these families, we strengthen their economic stability and prevent them from falling back into poverty. Through our targeted programs, we have successfully supported numerous children and their families, enabling them to achieve a higher standard of living and hope for a brighter future.

At Child Voice, we firmly believe that sustainable development can only be achieved by addressing the needs of children and their families in a comprehensive manner. By combining essential services such as healthcare, education, skill development, and livelihood support, we aim to create lasting positive change for the marginalised communities we work with.

Join us in our mission to amplify the voices of children, uplift families, and build a future where every child can thrive. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where every child's rights are protected and fulfilled.


Child Voice is an organisation founded with the goal of promoting the development and potential of children and supporting them in leading fulfilling lives. The organisation collaborates with a range of government and non-governmental bodies to establish federations and committees dedicated to advancing the welfare of children. Child Voice identifies child labourers and provides them with rehabilitation services and enrollment in schools. The organisation offers informal education tailored to the specific capabilities of each child, to help children succeed at school. It intervenes in every aspect of children's lives to ensure their holistic development. Cultural activities also reach out to children's parents, recognising their crucial role in children's overall development. As part of its community development initiatives, Child Voice establishes livelihood opportunities for parents within marginalised communities. Thanks to its efforts, many children have been able to realise their dreams and ambitions, and Child Voice is committed to continuing its work in ensuring the welfare of children.


A progressive society is one that is dedicated to promoting the comprehensive growth of children. It recognises the crucial role that children play in shaping the future and therefore actively engages in initiatives that ensure their overall development. This involves creating an environment that fosters children’s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. It also requires supporting policies and programs that provide resources that enable them to thrive. By prioritising children’s development, a progressive society invests in the future of its communities and contributes to the betterment of society as a whole.


  • Our aim is to empower underprivileged children and ensure their overall development.
  • We work to establish sustainable communities that prioritise child development.
  • Through capacity-building training and partnerships with government programs, we support policies that promote children’s well-being.


We are present in the Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu, India in 40 villages in the Nilakottai block and 10 villages in the Kodaikanal block.