Our Programmes

Providing healthy development and nurture, to attain quality education.

Child Development

Child Voice operates Community Resource Centres (CRC) in 30 working villages within the Nilakottai Block. These CRCs serve as tuition centres for children from illiterate backgrounds, providing them with educational support. Additionally, they act as facilitation centres for individuals seeking assistance with government schemes. Through our CRCs, a total of over 1,000 children benefit from our programs each year.

Adolescent Action Group / Adolescent Boys Group

Child Voice operates 50 Adolescent Action Groups (AAG) for girls and 30 Adolescent Boys Groups (ABG) across 30 villages in the Nilakottai block. Our groups have been honoured by Mr. Su. Venkatesan, MP of Madurai, for actively engaging in the prevention of child marriages and speaking out against violations of child rights in the community, supported by the adult Community Support Group members. Their accomplishments were featured in The Hindu English newspaper.


School Management Committees

Child Voice is actively involved in the School Management Committees of schools across 30 villages in the Nilakottai Block. Our dedicated staff members have enrolled their names in these committees to provide support and contribute to the development of the schools.


COVID-19 Interventions

Child Voice, in collaboration with local Panchayat representatives, provided assistance to vulnerable families in Nilakottai. With the support of local sponsors, we provided essential supplies such as dry ration and groceries worth Rs. 1000 to 120 families. During this critical period, we implemented preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 among our community participants, including Community Support Groups, SHG members, and adolescent groups. To enhance immunity against COVID-19, we distributed herbal medicines like Kabasura Kudineer and Arsenic album, as well as amla and groundnuts, in coordination with the Local Panchayat, Department of Health, and other like-minded NGOs.

Health Camps

Child Voice, with the support of Santhiya Hospital in Madurai, organised a health camp specifically for Adolescent Girls Group members and women workers in the textile industry some of whom face hazardous environments. The camp focused on spreading awareness about reproductive health and providing guidance on the use of masks and gloves. This health camp benefited 287 adolescent girls, women mill workers, and survivors.


Providing mental health support is an important part of our work. For example, Child Voice organised a mental health training session for 16 women workers who reside in the hostel of a spinning mill located in Sengattampaty. The training focused on managing workplace stress and coping with emotions. Counselling support was also provided to the participants.

Livelihood Support

We provided Micro Enterprise Development Support to 53 vulnerable families and conducted motivational training to help them attain sustainable livelihood opportunities.


Child Voice has 706 adolescent girls as members of the Adolescent Action Group and 476 adolescent boys as members of the Adolescent Boys Group. We have referred 30 adolescent girls and women for free skill training courses such as napkin preparation, food processing, and jewellery making, which were organised by Mother Teresa University in Pallapatti. Additionally, 20 adolescent girls were enrolled in typing, computer, and tailoring courses to further enhance their skills and prospects.

Social Protection Schemes

Child Voice actively promotes and spreads awareness on social security schemes in the project areas we serve. Our efforts have enabled many vulnerable individuals to benefit from State and Central Government schemes such as Aadhaar, Voter ID, Birth and Death Certificates, Income Certificates, Family Cards, Community Certificates, Insurance, and Labor Welfare Cards. Through our assistance, a total of 1,908 social schemes have been accessed by those in need in the Nilakottai block.

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Child Voice provide various programmes for the upliftment of the underprivileged children such as livelihood support, education help, training, and more

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